Monday, October 28, 2013

The importance of flour.

If you are following the new fad of gluten-free dieting or if you have Celiac's Disease, this post is not for you.

 Hard Red Winter Wheat grains dried and ground makes up 70-80% of all flour production in the United States. Most of it is turned to the All Purpose flour you might find in your grocery store. There are six general classification of wheats that are made into most of the flour consumed:
Hard red winter
High protein, strong gluten
Pan breads, yeast breads, buns, rolls
Hard red spring
Highest in protein, med-strong gluten, blending wheat
Pan breads, yeast breads, buns, hard rolls
Soft red winter
Med-low protein, weak gluten
Flat breads, cakes, pastries, crackers
Soft white
Spring and winter types are not differentiated
Low protein, very weak gluten
Flat breads, cakes, pastries, crackers, noodles, batters and thickener
Hard white 
Medium to high protein, med-strong gluten
Yeast breads, Asian noodles, steam bread
High protein, medium to strong gluten
Pasta, macaroni, spaghetti

Lets be honest

You are most likely to just buy/stock regular AP flour, but if you wanted that extra special texture of the true form of a certain type of dough, then treating yourself to a few ounces of a different flour is in order.
Even Safeway carries these flours so there is no " I didn't want to go to a Whole Food or Co-op/Hippie store for some weird flour" Seriously, give it a try.